Trying (and sometimes failing) with New Technology

Throughout our course we have been asked multiple times to offer different technology tools we use within our classroom. I have shared some tools I love (Lexia and IXL) and I have talked about some of the many challenges of incorporating technology into what is already a chaotic school day. However, with online testing fast approaching and our course drawing to a close, I have challenged myself to try some new forms of technology such as ipads, new apps, websites, and my new smart board.

First of all, I began somewhat small and had my students begin using our online textbook, Pearson Realize. I know I have mentioned it before, but getting all thirty of my fourth graders logged on to the computer and on the screen I want them to be at, is certainly a daunting task. However, we have successfully done it twice and with minimal struggle. I do think the hardest part is actually logging on– after that the kids loved it. What I love most about this site is not only is it connected to the curriculum but that it also has games, intervention work, etc.

The second tool I tried is provided to us by our district and it is called Safari Montage. If your school district has this, I highly recommend using it. This website allows us to stream different educational videos with my account. It has been so helpful for both my students and myself. They love watching the videos and they even request them during indoor recess, which has made all this snow more enjoyable for everyone!

Lastly, I wanted to share one of my all time favorite sites, Brain POP. Again, this has educational videos, games, and even quizzes. This is a go-to for my students when they have finished all their written work. This was especially helpful for us during election season, it really broke down the whole process for my students to understand. I highly recommend the science and social studies videos.

As a teacher, I love to share and hear other ideas from fellow educators. While these are a few of my favorites, there are countless websites and apps I tried with little luck. I’m grateful this course has provided me with so many different platforms to hear about other tools people use in their classroom!

  1. What are some other websites you find engaging and educational for your students?
  2. What are some challenges you face with technology in your classroom and how do you solve these problems?

An example of a Brain POP video:

Some other awesome sites shared by teachers and parents:




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